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Ryan Ouellette

The Waterfall

The golden surface of the waterfall shimmered as sunlight fell upon it. I gasped.

Finally, I could be cured.

I climbed over the last rock with renewed vigor, but a sudden dread settled in my stomach, stifling any previous excitement.

So many legends spoke of this place

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S2 Fantasy Friday featured image (season 2)

The Last Phoenix

Verdant rivers of life rushed from the mountaintop beneath Sayara, flowing around her. The currents carried her mind deeper until she touched a faint presence—a spark fighting for its life.

The familiar clicking of wood on stone disrupted her focus. She searched for the presence again—but nothing. What was it doing inside the mountain?

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Storm of Light

Calen had been told by everyone he would defeat the Dark Lord Katar. Everyone said he was worthy, but now—especially now—he questioned it.
A blade flew at him and he twisted to one side, escaping with only a nick on his cheek. As Katar’s dark figure leapt over him, he extended his arm, defending himself with an intense bolt of golden lightning.

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