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Rachel Dib

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Open Communication

“Thanks so much for watching Zeus on such short notice! You’re a lifesaver!”
Mark shrugged. “Well, you said I only had to sit and, like, watch TV with him, so…”
“Yeah, he won’t be any trouble.” Becca bent toward the cream-colored Himalayan curled up on the couch. She lifted his face between her palms

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Trust Issues

I don’t like Dycin.
It’s not the guide’s superior attitude that makes me dislike him either. He was raised by the Knowledge Keepers. Of course, he’s smarter than me. No. I dislike Dycin because despite his knowledge, he has no idea what he’s doing but presses on anyway. In fact, I suspect we’re lost.

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The Vanishing Act

“9-1-1, state your emergency.”
“Hi, I think I’ve lost my charge,” Bethany said, shoving aside the clothes in the coat closet. 
“Your charge, ma’am?” 
“Yes. I was hired as an in-home caregiver to Ms. Rose Carterwood.” Bethany closed the closet door and darted back down the green carpeted hallway. “I went to the bathroom

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One Too Far

“Have you ever wanted to—”
“No.” Brix adjusted his brother’s tie, expression unchanged.
“But you could—”
“Don’t care.”
“What’s the point of being Captain of the Guard if you’re not going to use it to your advantage?”
When Brix didn’t answer, Moxly sighed and turned towards the mirror. His clean cut,

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