Havok Publishing

Austin Grisham

The Frontier’s No Place for a Soft Gingerbread Man

Faced with great adversity, most gingerbread men will crumble. But not the gingerbread men of the Cloves family. No, they are tough cookies.
“You ready?” Samuel T. Cloves yelled to his friend Billy.
“I am, but I think this is crazy.” Billy’s frosty mouth quivered on his brown cookie face. He perched on

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Submissians are the Worst!

A Garangian paladin is intimidating. His armor has spikes and hooks and even gives off an eerie phosphorescent glow in the dark. The emperor wouldn’t have it any other way. He knew any conquered alien who might dare to fight his paladins would take one look at a Garangian’s helmet

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Cat Herding Ain’t Easy

Cat herding ain’t easy. Sure you’re up for it, son?”
I gave Gus my most resolute stare. The old cat hand nodded, and just like that I was his new partner.
This was my first run as a cat herder, and I was eager to prove myself. I’d had other work before, but

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