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Prismatic: Havok Season Five – A Flash Fiction Anthology

Prismatic: Havok Season FiveNow available on Amazon!

Prismatic: Havok Season Five contains

31 winning stories
18 exclusive stories
featuring fabulous flash fiction by
Jason C. Joyner and J. J. Johnson


Magpie Boy / Beka Gremikova
The Hologram Hypothesis / Pamela Love
An Honest Profession / Michael Teasdale
Abiral’s Goblet / Cassandra Hamm
Prince of Bees / Beka Gremikova
The Wolf at the Door / Beka Gremikova
Safety Recall / Jeff Gard
Dragon Pox / Cynthia Wilfert
Girl #24 / Krysta Tawlks
Fatetress / Julia Skinner
It Was Their Forest First / Michael Teasdale
Verdant / Christopher Whitmore
Mood Swings / A. M. Reynwood
Green Limbo / Lincoln Reed
Dreamhunter / Noah Litle
Memories from the Past / Sarah Rodecker
Predict a Card, Any Card / Pamela Love
For the Love of Pie / Beka Gremikova
Chasing Blue / Richard W. Kenneth
The Transformation / Joshua A. Smith
Violets / Hannah Robinson
Violet Lightning / Abigail Falanga
Meet Feet / Jeff Gard
Flair / Seth N. Locke
Once Upon a Pumpkin / Beka Gremikova
Cat Got Your Tongue? / Kathrese McKee
Bad Help is Hard to Find / Todd Hertz
Tiger Bright / Beka Gremikova
Potts & Pumpkins / Hannah Carter

The Yellow Helmet
/ Kanchana Menon

A Home for Nova / Hannah Carter


The Green Dragon Pepper / J. J. Johnson
Echoes Of Trust / Jason C. Joyner
Forget-Me-Nots / Madison Brown
Pick A Color, Any Color / Lisa Godfrees
The Man With The Golden Voice / Teddi Deppner
I Love You, Forgive Me / Savannah Grace
High Tea On Alpha Infernum / Lauren Hildebrand
Little Green Men? / Ronnell Kay Gibson
Steampunk Starfighter / J. L. Ender
Escape Velocity / Andrew Winch
Chitterbitter / Rachel Ann Michael Harris
The Nocturnal Ambush of Fae Forest / Michael Dolan
Trumpet Blues / Sophia Hansen
Ember Keeper / Katie S. Williams
A Slither of Green / Leslie L. McKee
Seeking Calypso / Kaitlyn Emery
The Little Guardian Angel / Lisa Elis
Penumbra / Elizabeth Liberty Lewis


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