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Havok Season Two: Stories That Sing – A Flash Fiction Anthology


Stories That Sing - Havok Season Two Flash Fiction Anthology

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Havok Season Two: Stories That Sing contains

31 winning stories
14 exclusive stories
featuring fabulous flash fiction by
Morgan L. Busse, Kat Heckenbach, Carla Hoch, and Jill Williamson!

Each story inspired by a song!


Woman of Letters by A. K. R. Scott – “The Book of Love”
What Happens in Las Veggies… by J. L. Ender – “Blue Suede Shoes”
Ties That Bind by Stephanie Scissom – “I Walk the Line”
Mothership by L.N. Weldon – “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”
Salty by Michael Dolan – “Why Do Fools Fall in Love”
Fire and Stone by Zachary Holbrook – “Puff, the Magic Dragon”
The Game by C.S. Wachter – “Sympathy for the Devil”
Everyone’s a Henry by Charles Frierman – “I’m Henry the VIII I am”
Ruined Boys by Brianna Tibbetts – “House of the Rising Sun”
Old Fashioned Letters by Dalia Grigorescu – “Return to Sender”
Weaver of Dreams by Jebraun Clifford – “Dream Weaver”
Identity by Abigail Falanga – “Let It Be”
Taller Than Ever by J. L. Ender – “The Little People Work” (instrumental from Star Wars soundtrack)
The Devil Tries Again by R. F. Grammon – “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”
Slippers by Abigail Falanga – “No More Tears (Enough is Enough)”
Reign’s End by Ayame Whitfield – “King of Pain”
From the Mind of the Dead by Josiah Dyck – “Always Something There to Remind Me”
Rave by Justin Mynheir – “Dancing In The Dark”
Fail-Safe by Nathan Conlon – “Metal Gods”
Dinner for Two by Katie Robles – “Every Breath You Take”
Mischievous Fire by Josiah Dyck – “Night of Fire”
Siege of the Dead by Kristiana Y. Sfirlea – “Zombie”
Careful What You Hunt For by Emily Grant – “Genie In A Bottle”
Skinthief by Cassandra Hamm – “Bitter Sweet Symphony”
Rubbed the Wrong Way by Laurie Lucking – “Genie in a Bottle”
Mine by Sophia Hansen – “Earth Angel”
Darksoul by Rachael Kemme – “Mirror Girl”
The End of Everything by Edward Sand – “Somewhere Only We Know”
Peanut Butter Paralysis by A. C. Williams – “I’m a Believer”

Stealer of Secrets by Cassandra Hamm – “Message in a Bottle”

A Good Night to Be Alive by Meaghan E. Ward – “Who Let the Dogs Out”


Cheers by Carla Hoch
The Balloon Man by Morgan L. Busse
A Fly on the Wall by Kat Heckenbach
The King Is Dead, Long Live The King! by Jill Williamson
The Last Good-Bye by Katherine Vinson
Fairy School of Assassins by Lisa Godfrees
Wreaking Havoc by Ronnell Kay Gibson
Moonshining by Andrew Winch
The Curious Case of the Missing Megabot by J. L. Ender
One Day in the Park by Teddi Deppner
World’s Edge by Savannah Grace
Blow Her A Kiss by Rosemary E. Johnson
Homeland by Rachel Ann Michael Harris
Renaissance by Elizabeth Liberty Lewis



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