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Casting Call: Havok Season Six – A Flash Fiction Anthology

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Casting Call: Havok Season Six contains

30 winning stories
14 exclusive stories


The Moon Duchess / Sheri Yutzy
Tomorrow / Katie Hanna
A Handful of Twigs / Cortney Manning
Iron Hood / Meaghan E. Ward
READERS’ CHOICE AWARD WINNER: Fines and Flames / Cassandra Hamm
The Wandmaker’s Offer / Yaasha Moriah
The Illusionist / Cortney Manning
Shiner / J. L. Ender
The Skinwalker / A. C. Williams
The Bodies in Question / Michael Teasdale
The Path Home / Nathan Veyon
The Watchman / Hannah Robinson
Dust to Dust / Lincoln Reed
All I Did Was Science / K. H. Marah
A Spoonful of Doom / Julia Skinner
The Fears / Anna Augustine
Jester’s Maze / Lincoln Reed
Words to Live By / Jim Doran
Going Native / Joseph Sidari
Human’s Advocate / M.A.E.
EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARD WINNER: Gone Fishin’ / Emily Barnett
Bridge Vigil / Rose Q. Addams
Save the Cat / Lincoln Reed
The Good Boy / Michael Teasdale
Four Wizards and a Funeral / Katie Hanna
Dandelion Wishes / Hailey Huntington
Dark Side of the Moon / Lincoln Reed
The Nightmare Hunters Before Christmas / Hannah Carter
To Fight and Fly / Crystal Grant
I’ll Explain Later / M.A.E.


No More Running / Katherine Vinson
The Ruler and the Rebel / Andrew Winch
Singing down the Dark / Cathy McCrumb
The Hero of Kittens / Rachel Ann Michael Harris
Orf vs. the Peak-Beast / Michael Dolan
A Dream of Spring / J. L. Ender
Just a Hench / Beka Gremikova
Four-Wheeled Fiend / Lauren Hildebrand
Paperbound / Madison Brown
A Wake of Vultures / Lisa Godfrees
Beacon Across Time / Teddi Deppner
The Verdict / Kaitlyn Emery
The Director’s Assignment / Ronnell Kay Gibson
Blink / Elizabeth Liberty Lewis


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