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Animal Kingdom: Havok Season Seven – A Flash Fiction Anthology

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Animal Kingdom: Havok Season Seven contains

31 winning stories
17 exclusive stories


Demon Coyotes / Lincoln Reed
The Stardust Smugglers
/ Beka Gremikova
The Curious Conduct of Miss O’Reilly
/ Katie Hanna
Tale of the Spectral Kite
/ Jeff Gard
The Once-Stars
/ Kayla E. Green
Hunt for the Goblin Queen
/ Hannah Carter
10,001 Tiny Rebellions
/ Jeff Gard
Wizards and Chickons
/ Arlan Gerig
The Great White Whale
/ Katie Hanna
Flight Across Stars
/ Anna Augustine
/ Lincoln Reed
Before and After
/ H. B. Flyte
Cats Rule
/ Allie Jo Andersen
Preserving Peace
/ S. E. M. Ishida
The Healing Tree
/ John de Sousa
The King’s Cat
/ Cynthia Wilfert
Z Karr and the Pearls of Aphrodite
/ Patrick M. Fitzgerald
Small Talk
/ Rachel Dib
Danger Where It Walks
/ Pamela Love
A Clamor of Wings
/ Cassandra Hamm
Man & Beast
/ Lauren Hildebrand
The Immortal Mr. Ballantyne
/ Abigail Falanga
Negotiations of an Igneous Nature
/ Michael Dolan
Mirror of the Sky
/ Patrick M. Fitzgerald
What a Marriage Needs
/ Jeff Gard
/ Pamela Love
Rise of the Elead
/ Kyrsten Newlon
The Ginormous Giant Panda Lie
/ Hannah Carter
Taming the Volcano
/ Cassandra Hamm
A Fluke at Work
/ Hannah Muldery
Sky Rays
/ Emily Barnett


My Friend Pher / Ronnell Kay Gibson
The Ultimate Prize
/ Leslie L. McKee
Sunset at the Purple Cactus
/ Lisa Godfrees
The Goblin Incident
/ J. L. Ender
The Placebo Effect
/ Kat Heckenbach
Change of Heart
/ Beka Gremikova
Furever Family
/ Jessica Noelle
/ Teddi Deppner
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Treasure
/ Michael Dolan
Humans Miss the Obvious
/ Hailey Huntington
Frightening Options
/ Nathan Veyon
The Mask I Hide Behind
/ Kaitlyn Emery
Secrets in Deepest Waters
/ Jane Maree
Cattle Drive
/ Rachel Ann Michael Harris
The Queen’s Aviary
/ Mia Rumi
/ Andrew Winch
Worst Pet in the Galaxy
/ Lauren Hildebrand


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