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The Bookwyrm

The portal closed behind me with a whumph and a smell like rotten eggs. My eyes watered as I tried not to gag on the stench.
The clicks, buzzes, and cries of a vibrant emerald jungle enveloped me, followed swiftly by a sodden blanket of humidity. My dark human hair and ridiculous human robes

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A Light in the Dark

“Do you remember me mentioning how much I hate small spaces?”
Sic sighed. “It’s not like you can see how small it is.”
I blinked. Or at least I think I blinked. The cave was so dark, it was hard to tell.
“Out of sight, out of mind,” Sic added.
“No. That’s not

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Lost the Last

I lost it!
The one thing. The one responsibility I had in my care. And I lost it.
I raced down the corridor. My diamond-sharp claws dug into the floor, and my smooth, taut wings accelerated me forward. Suddenly, my shoulder slammed into a polished iron door. It swung back on its hinges

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Pining for You

Being inconspicuous is difficult with a dragon in your pocket.
The text came while I was studying for biology, but when Kitty McDowell sends a cryptic message asking for help, am I going to say no? Of course not.
I stare up at Sterling Hall. Most of its windows are still lit,

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Cats Rule

The puppy won’t stop following me.
I balance on top of a dilapidated fence, eyeing my hanger-on. This creature is supposed to be my enemy. In fact, I am on my way to a meeting with General Theo, leader of the Federal Feline Military Organization.
I sit on my haunches and lean

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Haddie, Harpies, and Havoc

“Haddie Underwood, you said you knew how to fly this thing?!” Percival Holmes shrieked over the rush of the wind.
“Funny story—I lied!”
Haddie clutched the neck of the griffin as it plummeted through the sky toward the infamous Harpy Mountain. The bird tumbled, its claws skittering across the rocky terrain,

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Wizards and Chickons

I run to the cabin, desperate to warn Zofan about our impending calamity. Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen “wizard” as my occupation. I burst inside and nearly collide with my mentor. He stops me with a scowl and folded arms.
“Gwynfar, look outside. Tell me what you see.”
I peek out the window

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Never thought I’d die on a fishing boat. Don’t know why. Then again, never thought I’d be finding m’self fishin’ for Merithian sardines, either. Horrid things, make no mistake. An’ if you get ’em riled enough, their frenzied numbers can sink ships faster than wreckin’ on a reef.
I stare over the bow

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Hello Turtle

Ring. Ring. Ri—
“Hello, this is the West Coast Marine Mammal Rescue. How can I help you?”
“Oh, thank goodness! I found this baby sea turtle caught in some netting on the beach. He got injured. I think he is rather hurt.”
“Thank you for calling us. You did the right thing.

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Fish ‘n’ Chips

John sighed contentedly as he sat down on his favorite bench at the very end of the pier, as far from the bustling high-street as he could get. It was 3:00 in the afternoon, a cold wind blew hard off the bay, and there wasn’t a single soul in sight—just the way

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Partners in Crime

“Prince Heltor gave you a pet?”
“Quinn is a noble steed,” Brix corrected.
“That mutated deer is a noble steed?” Moxly lifted a brow. “You got punished, didn’t you?”
“Firstly, Quinn is a dragon not a deer.”
“Explains the scales, but not the antlers.”
“Secondly, it’s an honor to have her.” Brix lifted his chin

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Take Your Dragon to Class Day

My backpack is twitching.
I peer under my desk at the previously-inanimate object and try not to panic. Professor Delorey’s reptile lecture goes in and out of my ears.
Oh. Crap.
My bag moves again. I kick it, and Venus lets out a yelp—Venus being my tiny pet dragon, not the planet.

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