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Archive - February 2021

A Nosy Neighborhood Stakeout

A good neighborhood stakeout always starts with a comfy porch swing and my famous pound cake. Archie’s curled up on my lap, watching the street for any sign of Uncannies—or rabbits. Ever since he got into a scuffle with a bunny—and lost—he’s been on his guard.

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Red Shift

The captain brought the rubber stamp down on the document and frowned at the blood-red imprint.

“This makes grim reading,” he sighed. His stare burrowed into the chief inspector’s face. “You found no evidence of survivors?”

From across the desk, he watched Holzfäller fold her hands across her lap.

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The Red Hibiscus Bride

He is coughing again.

My sari sweeps behind me as I climb the steps, medicine bottle in hand. Two teaspoons if I remember correctly.

The door to my husband’s room is open. He is sprawled in bed, pillow over his face, as if smothering himself

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Anthology Finalists for Season Four: Sensational

Drum roll, please… Finalists for our Season Four: Sensational anthology are… JULY Mystery Monday Color by Hannah Robinson Magical Touch by Hannah Muldery Techno Tuesday Mari’s Gift by Kelsey Drake Vesper, Shadow Queen of the Death Swamp by L. G. McCary Wacky Wednesday Midas’ Heir by Hannah Robinson The Penguin Plan by Nathan Conlon Thriller

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Across the Amber Sea

When the island princes crossed the Amber Sea for a visit, the day always became brighter for the mainland peoples. But this visit was even more important than usual—the princes were of age now. All of the girls whispered in the streets, planning how to snare them.

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Red Hood, Red Legend

I wince.
“Yes, ma’am?” I turn and bow to our loud neighbor.
“Are you going to drag your grandfather home?”
I bristle at her tone. He may drink too much, but only to forget his memories of the war. Everyone understands… except Lenora Cutter. She never has grace for anyone, not even

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The Sylph of Heartbreak Woods

This was the last time I’d ever let Matt drive Baby, my gorgeous poppy-red ATV.
We hit bump after bump trucking up the mountain. I hung onto Matt for dear life as we rumbled over clumps of clay rocks, spewing pebbles. Finally, he swung Baby to a stop. Around us stretched Heartbreak Woods,

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Dragon Pox

Reaching the top of the steep staircase, Bayard slowed his pace. The crescent moon couldn’t brighten the shadows of the final turn leading into the roost, but determination carried him through. He purposefully scuffed his feet and sent a rock clattering over the edge

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I run backward through time, toward the mushroom cloud that will soon be my invention warehouse, thankful that the inversion suit I’m wearing wasn’t destroyed in this inferno.
The eruption shrinks over the warehouse, and the fire bursts bright before reassembling the near end of the building.
I run in through the

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Sins Like Scarlet

When the big guy said he’d give justice to the fatherless, I’m pretty sure this isn’t what he was talking about. I sighed and checked the clock. 7:32 a.m. I had been sitting idle for half an hour, and the pale, cold sunlight was creeping through the side windows.

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Fairest Villain

Every predator, no matter how strong, can meet its end.

I stared into the ornate, gilded mirror. People whispered I was obsessed with my reflection, that perhaps the mirror held magic properties that caused my vanity to need constant satisfying. What a ridiculous notion.

But the truth was stranger than

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