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Sometimes We are Frodo and Sam

Dear Writers,

One of our Havok Hive (what we call our amazing volunteer staff) had this insight as she attended a recent virtual writers’ conference. She was finding the prospect of pitching her manuscript to agents and editors overwhelming. There are times when all of us can use a little perspective, so she agreed to share this with our Havok writer community here. I love the comparisons she makes to J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. ~ Lisa

“If we are [writing our stories] for God’s glory, we don’t have to be ashamed of it.”

This whole pitching thing was getting to me today, despite my favorite Realm Makers quote so far (above). Suddenly, it struck me as a beautiful, glorious, frightening, horrible thing that we as writers do when we pursue publication so the world can see our words.

We are journeying into the stronghold of Mordor, like Frodo and Sam. Just two, small hobbits.

But I don’t like Mordor, I thought, and I don’t want to be Frodo.

As I turned the analogy over in my mind, another thought hit me, this time from my perspective as an editor. When we write, we are Frodo. But when we help others, when we edit as they walk into Mordor, we are Sam.

What a beautiful image of the partnership between writers and editors.

But something about the analogy still didn’t quite fit, because–as Christian writers–what we carry into Mordor isn’t the One Ring, forged with evil intent. We carry LIGHT into Mordor. Light that vanquishes evil and dark.

The Phial of Galadriel.

The Light of Erendil.

And that is why it is hard. Because for our light to shine its brightest, it has to be at its best. Without Weathertop, without going through the mines of Moria, without the Dead Marshes, without Cirith Ungol, we are not prepared. Our work is not ready. The paths of publication can be hard, but every step refines what we bring, and makes the light of it brighter, truer.

So, thank you all for helping when the burden is heavy.

~Cathy McCrumb
Thriller Thursday Editor

Have you ever been overwhelmed by writing, editing, or publishing? What did you do?

Let’s spend some time today encouraging one another in the comments, or share this post and discuss it on social media with your writer community.

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  • Thank you Cathy for all your support and advice! Your words really have given me confidence :) I sooo appreciate it ♥️♥️

  • J.R.R. Tolkien was a Christian man and I think he would give a nod to your analogy of writing and editing to Sam and Frodo.
    I pray today that all who want to be writers of good material that elevate the mind and soul succeed in their endeavor. It’s not an easy thing these days to stand out and have your voice (or words) be heard. We can’t all be a Billy Graham or Martin Luther. What we can be content with is if our little Light of Erendil shows the way out of Mordor for even a few.

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