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Stories That Sing & The Songs That Inspired Them

You’ve been wondering. You’ve been guessing. And you’ve been more than patient. Without further ado, here are the songs that inspired July’s stories so far… at least, the ones that have been guessed!

Week 1:
Moonlight and Blueberries by Dalia Grigorescu – Blueberry Hill (jebraunclifford)
Evacuation Assistance by Helena George – Rag Mop (CarolBMT)
Radio Stars by Teisha J. Priest – The Purple People Eater (Alex McGilvery)
Bamba, Bamba by Skye Hoffert – La Bamba (Florid Sword)
Woman of Letters by A. K. R. Scott – The Book of Love (R C)

Week 2:
Haunt by R.F. Gammon – Heartbreak Hotel (Yorick73)
Voices in Twilight by Andra Marquardt – Twilight Time (Dalia Grigorescu)
When I Died by Rachel Ann Michael Harris – That’ll Be the Day (Jillian Ponchot)
Unknown Neighbors Join Together by Abigail Falanga – not yet guessed (hint: might be Japanese and there’s a good clue in the story)
The Losing Game by Nicki Chapelway – Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Jillian Ponchot)

Week 3:
The Clock by Susan Lyttek – Rock Around the Clock (Arlene Pripeton)
Get a Job by Abigail Falanga – Get A Job (Yorick73)
The Bus by Kailey Rose – Sh-boom (Susan Lyttek)
Ties That Bind by Stephanie Scissom – song not yet guessed
Alive by Kailey Rose – song not yet guessed

Week 4:
The Knife by Abigail Falanga – Mack the Knife (Alex McGilvery)
Mothership by L.N. Weldon – song not yet guessed
Salty by Michael Dolan – Why Do Fools Fall in Love (cyndylil)
Mission by Jane B. Night – Where Have All the Flowers Gone (cyndylil)
Blue Moon by J. L. Ender – Blue Moon (Jillian Ponchot)

If you were the first one to guess the song that inspired the story (your user name in parentheses) AND if you’re a member of the Havok Horde, you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Not a member yet? Join before the end of the month and you still qualify!

Like a challenge? There are still a few songs that haven’t been guessed yet. Put on your detective hat and go figure it out. Horde members have access to our archives (and are qualified for the drawing).

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