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I’m a writer who loves data. Charts, graphs, numbers. Spreadsheets. The running joke around Havok is that I’m the Google Forms queen. I’m the organizational cog of our three-headed Cerberus braintrust. And today, I thought I’d share some interesting tidbits we’ve picked up from our first quarter of Havok’s rebirth.

What does a phoenix look like when it rises again? A lot like statistics.

To date

  • we’ve published
    • 70 authors, including 3 under the age of 18
    • 84 stories
    • 120 posts
    • 4 themes


  • we’ve received
    • well over 200 submissions (198 since implementation of our Submissions Form on January 9th)
    • a third of our submissions from repeat authors
    • most new submissions from authors who’ve seen a social media post (thank you for sharing!)



  • we’ve noticed
    • 7,733 unique visitors have stopped by our website (hello!)
    • Fantasy Friday receives the most submissions
    • Mystery Monday receives the least


  • we’ve grown to
    • 37 Havok t-shirts wearers (looking good!)
    • 149 members in the Havok Horde (we love you!)
    • 533 newsletter subscribers
    • 25 fantastic worker bees in our Havok Hive (staff members)

All this, and it’s only been the first quarter, y’all. We are blessed and more than stoked for the future. We can’t wait to wreak some more Havok with you. Thanks for joining us on this crazy journey!!!



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