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March’s Contenders

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Our editors have picked their favorite March stories. That means the stories below are in contention for our first anthology! (You’ll have to wait until July to find out which ones make the final cut, though!)

If you don’t see your favorite story below, have no fear! Readers’ Choice voting goes through the first week of July, so there’s still time to vote your favorite story into the anthology.

Here are the stories that caught our editors’ attention and the reason for their selection. Straight from our hive mind:

Mystery Monday

Every Drop of Soul because of its beautiful writing and surprise ending.

The Jewel Thief for its creativity, interesting characters, and a pun that would make Phenny the Phoenix proud.

Techno Tuesday

The Doomsday Stones with its beautiful descriptions and wonderful story that we don’t always know better than others.

We Will All be Alone for its haunting rendition of a post-apocalyptic world and the overwhelmingness of being alone.

Wacky Wednesday

The Messenger for its glowing imagery and entertaining take on Hades and Persephone.

Unnatural 20 because who doesn’t want to see what three tweens do when a barbarian explodes from their game table? Hilarious from beginning to end.

Thriller Thursday

Bullet Train to London for its high stakes and its well placed action and twist.

Transactions because of the Mission Impossible flair and action scenes, with a nice punchline at the end.

Fantasy Friday

If These Walls Could Talk because it’s both creepy and sad, and I liked how the author combined the two storylines at the end.

Glorious Nothing because it’s humorous (a sword named Jimmy Bob?). I also liked how it was about an expected adventure that never happened.

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