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Launch week was a blast!

This week, Havok opened its gates and released four brand new flash fiction stories into the world. Each Saturday, we’ll share stats and fun bits about the stories and the comments. It won’t be the same every time, so be prepared for changes along the way!

Highest Rated

Our Wacky Wednesday story When Magic Died by Michael Dolan seems to have tickled everyone’s funny bone, and comes in as the highest (and most often) rated of our opening set.

Top Commenters

Our own Lisa Godfrees was the first to comment on all four stories, with Dolanwrites, lilakimswriter, and Keturah Lamb each hard on her heels with comments on three of them. The authors of several of this week’s stories were busy responding to comments, and we can see the community is starting to form!

Are You the Mystery Commenter?

Here at Havok we embrace the bleeding edge and all its chaos (or maybe we’re just a determined, ragtag band on a shoestring budget, you decide), and we noticed that one comment on Friday’s story (The Cleaner) got mysteriously transformed. Instead of having someone’s name and website address associated with it, it says it’s from “Havok” and has our website address. Weeeeird. Our webmaster Kraken refused to comment on whether this could possibly be related to upgrading user profiles to include the ability to add your website address.

The mystery comment:

“I like the concept and the story. The only hiccup was the first use of ‘scene’ I thought they were in a theatre at first.”

^^ If this is your comment, try leaving it again and we’ll see if it show up with your rightful name or if it transmogrifies again! #nocommentleftbehind

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