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Shooting Stars

Let me tell you a love story. No, it’s not a fallin’ story—fallin’ in love’s the messy bit. This one’s about old love, the kind that’s lived a handful of years, that’s aged into something stronger and softer. That’s where the best stories are found.
Slim was a man of few words…

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Bunyan Batters Up

On his way into town one hot, sticky Saturday, Paul Bunyan stopped short at a river. Well, not short—Bunyan was a giant who towered over the forest’s biggest trees. He didn’t do anything short. He did stop, however, and point to a logjam in the river, made of oaks and pines

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The Stars

“I still don’t understand why you had to drag me out here to the literal middle of nowhere,” I muttered, staring out the window at the expense of the Namibian desert.
There was nothing to see for miles but sand, a few trees and bushes, and an occasional animal that might have been…

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Flight Across Stars

The stars are alive.
I tip my head back, gazing at the constellations as they spin their stories across the endless blue-black of the night sky. Tonight, Lupus is being hunted by Orion. The spear of the warrior twinkles as he stalks toward his prey. The Ursas are drumming a beat, the low pulse

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The Once-Stars

Many years ago, Caligo looked upon the Moon’s soft, silvery light with contempt. “You are nothing. You simply reflect the light of the Sun. Do you think you can protect the world from my darkness? The Sons of Night will destroy every last human until there is no one left.”
Transforming into a jaguar, Caligo

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Starlink Sabotage

“Recepticore is offline. Starlink power is depleted.”
Eddie Caplan burst into the engine room. “What the blazes is it this time? Reeves, report!”
“Dunno.” His young assistant snapped her gum. “Just like the ship said, couldn’t link up with the star’s recepticore. Psh, dwarf stars, am I right? Betcha we wouldn’t have this

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Weary Dreamer

I think I’ve found him.
Once the awful dream fades enough for me to breathe freely, I search the skies and spot the blue star in minutes. Every night since I left home has disappointed me, but tonight…
Tonight, I think I’ve actually found him.
Surrounded by scattered trees, I wriggle out of my scratchy wrap

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Every Drop Of Soul

Peter inhaled deeply, puncturing the quiet of the dark forest. One leg dangled from his perch on the tree, while his gaze remained fixed on the small village at the bottom of the hill. The bark dug into his back, but he reclined against it as if it were the most luxurious couch.
He couldn’t see her yet, but he would. Any moment now.

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