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S2 Wacky Wednesday featured image (season 2)

Hiccups and Grit

Donny Chandler would never tell me what I needed to know. Which was why I needed to get the hiccups.
I slunk into Tornado Taco on the corner of Main Street and Bell Avenue. The last time I was here, I made a complete fool of myself. Not my fault, but still…

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S2 Thriller Thursday featured image (season 2)

The Treasure Hunter’s Familiar

Ávila de la Mora peered between the trees of Inverness Wood with a pigeon perched on her shoulder. “You’re sure this is the best entrance, Atlas?”
Yes, the pigeon cooed across their bond. The trinket is not far from here.
As soon as she crossed into the wood full of magical creatures and artifacts,

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S2 Thriller Thursday featured image (season 2)

Zombies and Sloths

Six months into the sleep-zombie catastrophe, the survivors knew one thing: they were grateful for the winged, magic sloths.
One such survivor, Leesia, leaped over a crumbling stone wall marking an old boundary between fields. Gasping for breath, she dropped to her knees. Her brother-in-law Rayth joined her a moment later.

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