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Mirror Mirror, Me

The face in the crystalline mirror is nothing like what I remember. Cold eyes, a crown of perfectly pressed hair, expression like fine stone glazed in ice.
No one told me becoming the fae Queen would be like… this.
I strain to catch even the slightest glimpse of fire in the depths of her eyes

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The Princess Rebellion

“Forking Larkspur?” The Chairman asked for the third time, pacing in front of Corduroy and me.
“Yes.” I could hear my prince grinding his teeth. The Chairman’s anxiety was getting on our nerves. “Someone sent Trudy oodles of those flowers, and it interfered with her poison-sensing abilities.”
My best friend and fairy godmother

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The Moon Duchess

Hanging upside down a thousand feet above the jagged base of Crimwell Mountain was clearing Lux’s head admirably. As was the invisible tendril of the empress’s power wrapped around his ankles.
The empress stepped closer, her iron-edged gown grating against the cobbled floor of the overlook.
At least he faced the scarlet and tangerine sunrise

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Once Upon a Pumpkin

Tamrin’s prized pumpkin was missing.
Well, her second prized pumpkin. Her best one had vanished two weeks ago on the evening of Prince Charlin’s first ball. Then her second best one vanished the night of Charlin’s second dance. Months of hard work, love, and care down the drain.
It wouldn’t happen again. Tonight

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Once again, Diah was breaking into her own palace. She huffed, edging along the shadowed side of her castle. How many times had she done this? Seven? Ten? She was losing count.
She paused and ran her hands along the cold stone wall until she found the deep grooves that had been cut precisely

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Night-Blooming Azaleas

Strike a blow against a tyrant and impress a girl at the same time? The opportunity was too good to miss.
Ashdar landed softly in the garden, wrenching his staff free of the vines he’d grown to climb the wall. He checked the runic instructions carved along the length of his staff.

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Perfectly Executed

I stared at the ax on the table in front of me. Its clean blade gleamed like onyx, the jewel-like embellishments on its worn handle as twisted as my thoughts. Using it made me sick.
The only thing keeping my sanity intact was knowing that the queen’s power, not mine, was what drove

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The Blue Zinger

“Ohmigod, there’s a tarantula in your grapes!” My chair legs screeched back from the table, and I dropped the grape I had just plucked from the fruit bowl.
“That’s just Ernie. Don’t worry; he won’t bite.” Granny glanced over from her spot at the stove where she’d been churning a bubbling concoction for

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Mood Swings

Oh, schni—!
An explosion rattled the keep. Smoke slammed into the stone walls and bounced back in scrolling curls, blocking out the daylight peeking through the windows. Coughing, Athelbert heaved open the iron-studded door of the wizard’s study and stumbled into the corridor.
The smoke poured out after him, filling the air

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The Leprechaun’s Choice

Wars are ugly affairs, even when you’re a Leprechaun. Normally, I don’t involve me’self in the business of men, but when their gunslingin’ began to ravage me Irish homeland, I had no choice.
I planned to cause a wee bit more mischief to encourage these savages to flee me country. So, after makin’

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Grassy Disaster

The grass was up to Abigail’s chin now. If she didn’t find Ryn soon, it would consume the entire kingdom.
Abigail pushed her way through the verdant blades consuming her village. Couldn’t the boy have chosen a different enchantment? Something to do with rocks, perhaps? She could deal with pesky boulders.

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The Statue Girl

Markus bounced on his heels as he waited in the line leading into the Cursed Gardens. Past the black metal fence, maze-like rows of statues rose in a cacophony of heroism and doom.
“Hey.” Markus tapped the shoulder of the hulking man in front of him. “You see that wyvern over there?

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