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Magpie Boy

Go see a show, Lindsey. Get out of the house for one evening.

My neighbors like to give advice—some of it better than others.

How can I see a musical without Amaliah? That’s like betraying her memory. My fingers clench around Tico’s leash, and he looks up

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Threads of Straw and Gold

The royal family spent several months every year vacationing at their summer palace. The vast ivory castle sprawled over lush acres of greenery, overlooking the sea on one side and the wild country forest on the other.
The Queen particularly hated it.
Everything about the place reminded her of her ill-fated past

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Abiral’s Goblet

Sand flooded back into the hole Suresh was trying to dig. Cursing, he blocked the flow with his shovel. At this rate, it would take him a lifetime to locate Abiral’s Goblet.

Sweat stinging his eyes, he gazed around the dunes of Dryagana Mrtyu: Dragon’s Death. No movement, and most importantly, no sand dragons.

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Face The Music

I may not remember how I got here, but I’ve sworn revenge on the mage who trapped me under this globe. The glass shines darkly, reflecting back my image—a cute porcelain ballerina, pirouetting in a yellow tutu on a turning platform, encased in darkness and the oppressive Music that speaks without words.

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The Yellow Helmet

It was a dark, moonless night, and there was nowhere else to go. No bar in town stayed open this late. And for the life of him, he couldn’t remember where he had parked his car. He eyed a broad icy park bench by the sidewalk. It looked infinitely more attractive than his

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Golden Child

Halfway up the drive of his sprawling estate, Master Oros encountered the first silver statues. Sunlight slid over them in a soft yellow hue, matching the shimmering, golden tips of his own fingers.
The front gate guards stood motionless, bent over, hands clasped to their knees

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Wacky Wednesday featured image (season 2)

Froombas of True Colors

An old wives’ tale says that you can only see the froombas if you pluck a magical ‘shroom from below the frozen lake. A simple task. And I don’t say that as a gullible maiden or to tell lies out of my pantaloons.

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Staff Saturday featured image

The Monastery’s Treasure

Wherever Tovar looked, flames engulfed his monastery home. He shielded his eyes and raced for the abbot’s dormitory, praying his mentor hadn’t been killed in the attack.
He found the abbot lying face down. “Abbot Cralin, what happened?”
“Tovar? Is that you?” The abbot turned toward him, clutching a wound in his side.

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Thriller Thursday featured image (season 2)

Rainbow’s End

Death crept through the car park. Roddy rushed to the window, meeting his reflection in the pane. 


To the naked eye, all was as it should be outside the intensive care unit. Doctors, orderlies, and visitors went about their business with no particular urgency. Roddy, however, knew different.

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Wacky Wednesday featured image (season 2)

The Scent of Change

The official communication mirror flickered into life as I sat in the throne room reviewing correspondence with Prince Corduroy. I may be a princess, but I was also his employee.

“Corduroy,” boomed the Magic Administrator. The most powerful man in Afteria, he always spoke in bellows. “Your latest petition has caught our attention.”

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Mystery Monday featured image (season 2)

The Mysterious Scent of Cookies

As I stepped into my apartment, the aroma of chocolate greeted me. I hung up my coat and shook the weariness from my shoulders, while my mouth watered from the fresh, chocolatey goodness wafting from my kitchen.

Like cookies. Gooey triple chocolate cookies I’d eaten at Grandma’s house when I was a little girl.

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Thriller Thursday featured image (season 2)

Silver like Grief, Black like Guilt

The king is dead.
I slump in my best dress on the pew at the back of the cathedral while the funeral bells toll overhead. Outside the church, villagers scream in protest at the leaving nobility, whose emotions stream behind them in trails of color. Amber irritation. Pale boredom. Sour, brown fear.

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