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S2 Mystery Monday featured image (season 2)

Crown of Daisies

Standing atop a hill at least half a mile from the amphitheater, the distant 80’s classics thrum through my head. The band isn’t overly popular, but they’re free, so the place is packed. The outskirts are the perfect place for an introvert like me. This is shaping up to be an extraordinary evening.

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S2 Thriller Thursday featured image (season 2)

Green Eyes

This should be easy. I am an assassin. He is my target.
Why is this not easy?
Turn around.
I stand in the shadows at the corner of the muddy alley, staring at him. He stands with his back toward me in the dark doorway of a wooden building. The alley drips with sparse raindrops.

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I peer through the scope of my crossbow. From my vantage point in the rafters, I’m as good as invisible to the royal family below. As if being a male peasant doesn’t make me invisible enough already. But all that is about to change.

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The Cost

He was near.
I gripped my sword, sweat dripping from its hilt. I’d been tracking him for days, almost catching a glimpse, but always he eluded me.
No more. He was an enemy from the East; he could not be allowed to invade our territory and live. It was the Sage’s orders.

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Corruption’s Kiss

There are three rules for being an assassin. Don’t hesitate. Don’t question. Don’t feel.
Emotions get you in trouble, and the pain of the past is a distraction.
I glide through the crowd, sipping my champagne and smiling at everyone who meets my eye. I know how to act like just another beautiful woman. I used to be one, after all.

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