Havok Publishing

When We Acquire Your Story

First of all, when we acquire your story, everybody celebrates!

Next, we work together on editing your story to be the best version of itself. Yes, that means you should expect to make some changes! Did you know, even our best-selling, award-winning featured authors like David Farland and James Scott Bell worked with our editors to improve their stories? It’s a part of the publishing process to work with editors, even when your work is accepted. That said, it’s YOUR STORY and we respect your vision and decisions, within our stated guidelines (PG-13, etc).

Other things you should know:

If Your Story is Acquired for Daily Flash Publication on GoHavok.com

RIGHTS: Havok retains the rights to exclusive electronic publication of Daily Flash stories for six-months from the online publication date and reserves the right to maintain that story in our online members-only databases in perpetuity. But after that six-month exclusivity period ends you have the freedom to publish your story elsewhere as well–UNLESS your story is acquired for an anthology. Other terms are delineated in our contract.

AUTHOR BIO & PHOTO: If your story is selected for Daily Flash publication, you may submit a 50-word bio and a high-resolution headshot (at least 300 dpi .jpg or .tif file). Your headshot should be professional—no “selfies,” props, or excessive shadows. You must own the rights to all images you send to us, including those of your headshots. Instructions for submitting these items will be sent at the time of acquisition of your story.

PAYMENT: Authors are paid if their stories are selected for inclusion in an anthology (see below).

If Your Story is Acquired for an Anthology

At least twice a year, the top stories (as determined by our editorial staff) over the previous months will be selected for publication in an anthology alongside best-selling and award-winning authors. This anthology will be available in both print and digital formats.

RIGHTS: Havok retains the rights to all anthology stories for one year from the online publication date and reserves the right to reprint the anthology in which your story was published in perpetuity, but after that one year period ends, you have full rights to your story again. Other terms are delineated in our contract.


  • Havok pays via PayPal for each winning story published in an anthology, and anthology authors also receive one complimentary digital copy of the anthology. Payment varies depending on seasonal fundraisers.**
  • The Editors’ Choice Award winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card, a paperback copy of the anthology, additional literary rewards, and fame.
  • The Reader’s Choice Award winner (the anthology story that receives the highest reader ranking) will receive a $100 Amazon gift card, a paperback copy of the anthology, additional literary rewards, and fame.

* Fame mileage may vary. Fame may grow over time. Don’t take more fame than the suggested daily dosage. If a rash develops, or you experience dry mouth, dry heaves, or need to dry your eyes, consult an industry professional or a wise old woman in the woods.

** In Season One, we paid authors $10 a story. Our contract still reflects that payment rate, because we’re dedicated to integrity and that’s something we know we can sustain. We actually were able to pay $15 per story during Season Two and $30 per story in Season Three. One of our primary business goals now is to eventually pay for every acquisition (including those published on our website). During 2020-2021, we paid between $50-$60 per story to our anthology authors. Things have dipped with the economy since then, but we continue to meet contractual obligations and haven’t dropped below $30 per story.