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Brix & Moxly

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Partners in Crime

“Prince Heltor gave you a pet?”
“Quinn is a noble steed,” Brix corrected.
“That mutated deer is a noble steed?” Moxly lifted a brow. “You got punished, didn’t you?”
“Firstly, Quinn is a dragon not a deer.”
“Explains the scales, but not the antlers.”
“Secondly, it’s an honor to have her.” Brix lifted his chin

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One Too Far

“Have you ever wanted to—”
“No.” Brix adjusted his brother’s tie, expression unchanged.
“But you could—”
“Don’t care.”
“What’s the point of being Captain of the Guard if you’re not going to use it to your advantage?”
When Brix didn’t answer, Moxly sighed and turned towards the mirror. His clean cut,

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