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Sheri Yutzy

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The Moon Duchess

Hanging upside down a thousand feet above the jagged base of Crimwell Mountain was clearing Lux’s head admirably. As was the invisible tendril of the empress’s power wrapped around his ankles.
The empress stepped closer, her iron-edged gown grating against the cobbled floor of the overlook.
At least he faced the scarlet and tangerine sunrise

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All a Dream

The oil rig’s platform shuddered and lurched into the air.
Matthew Finnburg the Third watched the earth fall away beneath them, then turned to his companion. “Xena, what is happening?”
Xena’s black eyes widened, then clenched shut as the platform picked up speed. Her slender arms quivered from her grip on the rail. “I couldn’t say, sir.”

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A Cool Drink of Water

Nila tipped back her head and let the crushed rocks spill into her mouth. Wind cut past their tent, and she clamped her hand over the cup to keep the dust inside from escaping.
“I suppose you drank it all.” Vo wiped dirt from his face with his upper arm.

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