Havok Publishing

S. M. Jake

Shooting Stars

Let me tell you a love story. No, it’s not a fallin’ story—fallin’ in love’s the messy bit. This one’s about old love, the kind that’s lived a handful of years, that’s aged into something stronger and softer. That’s where the best stories are found.
Slim was a man of few words…

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Prairie Dragon

“Daggum scientists!” Penny growled. Hefting her skirts higher, she tore through the brome toward a cluster of cottonwoods. A raspy roar echoed across the open plain, and she glared back at said scientist. “You just had to poke the Prairie Dragon!”
“Actually, dragon is a misnomer,” Benjamin huffed, struggling to keep up.

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The Sword Still Within the Stone

Torryn’s stomach tightened under their stares, and he flexed his grip on the ancient hilt. The sword’s flat steel lay cold against his shoulder, overly heavy in both weight and responsibility.
“That’s…” The old man at the center of the table shook his head, the glittering jewels and embroidery attesting to how much he and ..

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