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R. C. Capasso

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The Witness

“You can’t change anything, Tom. You know that.”
I nodded. No one could fight the laws of time travel.
“No matter how much you’re tempted.”
“I know!” I forced my breath to steady. Jacob was helping me, against all rules. All reason. He was not the enemy. “Sorry.” I swallowed. “No matter what,

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One Being’s Trash

“What did you just do?”
El’s thought pinged into Jay’s brain, and he willed his thinking to be casual. “Nothing.”
“I thought we just came out for a flight. But you vented something.”
Jay lifted his hand from the control panel and waved it innocently. “Nothing really.”

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The Cleaner

All Misha had to do was clean up every last bit of the dead dragon, because if even a single cell survived, the dragon could be reborn. This was the last … or was it?

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