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Kat Heckenbach

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The Dragon’s Cry

The cry came from the underbrush below a giant oak. Jordan set down the basket of magical plant clippings he’d collected and crept closer, pulling the hood of his cloak away from his face. Distant clicks and caws pierced through the rustling trees, but Jordan focused on the tiny cry.
He scanned the area

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Trope Troopers

The ship’s hatch opened with a hydraulic hiss. My team stood behind me as the door lowered to create a ramp. I walked about halfway down and stopped. The grassy meadow we’d chosen for landing spread around us. A dense forest circled the meadow in every direction.
“I’ve got the xallenite,” Myra said

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Cover Reveal for Season Two: Stories That Sing!

We are excited to announce that our second anthology will release April 30th! The Season Two: Stories That Sing anthology includes: 31 winning stories from our second season (July-December 2019) exclusive stories by our Featured Authors: Carla Hoch, Morgan L. Busse, Kat Heckenbach, and Jill Williamson exclusive stories by our Featured Staff: Andrew Winch, Teddi Deppner, Lisa Godfrees, Ronnell

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“Stories That Sing” Featured Author: Kat Heckenbach

The release date for Season Two’s Stories That Sing anthology draws ever closer. To celebrate, we have a treat for you! Not only do we get to introduce you to another Season Two Featured Author, but we get to let you in on a little secret… she also created the fantastic art that we’re using

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