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Crystal Grant

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Island of Mystery

People said the island didn’t exist. But there it was.
A shiver of excitement and pride swept over me as I lowered my chopper. The mysterious disappearing isle had long been deemed a myth, but I’d spent months researching, interviewing witnesses, and hunting the landmass that never seemed to be where the sightings claimed.

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The EeD.N. Vine

It was living inside me, killing me little by little. And worse, it talked to me.
“Don’t fight me, Clay.”
“It’s useless.”
“Isn’t this what you wanted?”
That last one stung, because it was right. I had wanted it at the time.
I was the head of the botany team tasked with splicing

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To Fight and Fly

I landed face down in the dirt. Again. I spat dirt and scowled. “Would you stop that?”
Raddick shook his silvery mane. “To ride in the Sky War, young Myron, you must learn to ride.”
I wiped blood from my palm. “But you’re trying to throw me.”
“In a barrage of blaster fire,

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A Brother’s Gift

Liam’s arms felt weighted as if carrying bags of sand rather than an empty rucksack. He swallowed back the doubt climbing up his throat.
This was for the best. His brother would be better off in an orphan’s home than homeless on the streets. Liam was only fourteen; he couldn’t provide for them both.

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The Color of Grasshoppers

They’d placed me as a grasshopper.
I hadn’t expected anything grand like a butterfly or firefly, but a grasshopper? They couldn’t even fly straight.
Sounds of festivity faded behind me as I stomped through the encampment, blood boiling and wings buzzing. The sound of festivity faded behind me; the last thing I wanted to do was

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