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Cortney Manning

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More Than Dust

“We’re more than dust,” Auntie Nadya asserted.
Eight-year-old Pevka sniffled and swiped his fist under his nose.
Without dropping her shovel, Auntie pressed her handkerchief into his hand. Then she shoved her spade into the pile of silver stardust beside her, expertly hefting it to determine its weight before tossing the load into

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The Illusionist

Fae-burst had been banned in Anglia for over a decade, but Spencer knew for a fact he’d seen magic onstage tonight.
He peered around the shadowy backstage room. Illusionist dens like this were common in Anglia’s seediest districts, but only sleight of hand was allowed onstage. Fae-burst with its addictive qualities was strictly forbidden.

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What Lurks in the Attic

Someone had to be in the attic, or else Alice Horton was mad.
Thick fog curled across the grounds, shrouding the vibrant gardens in ghostly white.
Alice’s head pounded from lack of sleep. The footsteps pacing above her room had kept her awake most of the night. She even thought she’d heard

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A Handful of Twigs

“If I see one more twig, I might burn this forest down,” Silas growled between clenched teeth.
His back and legs ached from bending and gathering. Even his fingers felt sore. Prying his grip open slowly, he let the small bits of wood tumble back to the earth.
“Oh, Silas, please don’t

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A Pair of Spectacles

The waves were hungry.
Adira’s stomach flipped against her swan-bill corset as she leaned over the balcony of the luxury steamship, imagining how it might feel to sink into those roiling depths. Behind her, an investigator from Maravel’s official detective agency interviewed a witness.
“Let’s walk through this again,” Mr. Bright enunciated

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