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Havok Season Three: Bingeworthy – A Flash Fiction Anthology

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Havok Season Three: Bingeworthy contains

30 winning stories
16 exclusive stories
featuring fabulous flash fiction by
Julie Hall, Carrie Anne Noble, and Steve Rzasa!


“The Time Travelers” by Kaitlyn Carter Brown
“Flowers” by Hannah Robinson
“Sexiest Man In Space” by Teddi Deppner
“Team Second Star” by Amber Woods
“Figlio Fortunato” and “The Incendiary” by Abigail Falanga
“Toby’s Call” by H. Halverstadt
“The Hero of Parker City” by Emily Grant
“Taquitos and Heroes” and “Why God Made Beer” by A. C. Williams
“To Catch a Killer” by R. F. Gammon
“White As Snow” by Lisa Driscoll
“A Far-Off Place” by Brianna Suazo
“Forest of Fear” by Yaasha Moriah
“Foodpocalypse”, “The Light Smuggler”, and “Flight of the Fading Sorrow” by Zachary Holbrook
“The Last Gateway” by Cassandra Hamm
“The Boy with the Crows” by Hope Ann
“Flew” by Pamela Love
“Average Joe” by Joshua C. Chadd
“She-Borg Goes on a Blind Date” by Andrew Swearingen
“Some Assembly Required” by Patrick M. Fitzgerald
“Revolutionary Fire” by Beka Gremikova
“Show Me Your Socks” by Cadi Murphy
“Name That Planet” by Alex Mellen
“Santa’s Little Foes” by Michael Erasmus
“Raiders of Magic” by Krysta Tawlks

The Art of Taming a Dragon – Hannah Robinson

Unexpected Encounters of a Draconic Kind – Beka Gremikova


“The Rubyspire” by Steve Rzasa
“The Spark” by Julie Hall
“The Inheritance” by Carrie Anne Noble

“The Advantages of Being Human” by Cathy McCrumb
“The Fountain” by Teddi Deppner
“Certified Allergen Free” by Lisa Godfrees
“A Healing Touch” by R. F. Gammon
“Seven Canisters of Dark” by Tracey Dyck
“In Search of the Magma Heart” by Michael Dolan
“Patch” by Elizabeth Liberty Lewis
“The Run” by Savannah Grace
“Tower of a Thousand Doors” by J. L. Ender
“The Ways of War” by Madison Brown
“What Comes Next” by Andrew Winch
“The Lamest Superpower” by Ronnell Kay Gibson
“The Potion Maker” by Rachel Ann Michael Harris



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