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“We’re risking our lives for a princess no one has ever seen,” I grumble, tossing my knife and catching it again. Ruddy light from the fireplace dances down its long, wicked blade.
Most people think it’s odd for a girl to be so fond of weapons.
But if I cared what most people

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The Moon Duchess

Hanging upside down a thousand feet above the jagged base of Crimwell Mountain was clearing Lux’s head admirably. As was the invisible tendril of the empress’s power wrapped around his ankles.
The empress stepped closer, her iron-edged gown grating against the cobbled floor of the overlook.
At least he faced the scarlet and tangerine sunrise

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A Handful of Twigs

“If I see one more twig, I might burn this forest down,” Silas growled between clenched teeth.
His back and legs ached from bending and gathering. Even his fingers felt sore. Prying his grip open slowly, he let the small bits of wood tumble back to the earth.
“Oh, Silas, please don’t

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