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Weekend Scoreboard - Bingeworthy - Phenny & Ling

Bingeworthy: Winning Stories

Congratulations to our Season Three: Bingeworthy Anthology Winners! We published 146 stories for Havok’s third season. Now, we couldn’t be happier to congratulate our thirty contest winners! Their stories will be published alongside our Featured Authors and Staff Features in our upcoming Season Three: Bingeworthy anthology! January (Dynamic Duos) Figlio Fortunato – Abigail Falanga The

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SS - Staff Saturday featured image

What Pain Feels Like

Kae shifted in her seat as the dean of the Academy squinted at her over his spectacles. “Miss Ruve, it is highly irregular for you to request an audience instead of submitting an application form.”
Kae hesitated. “My ability is… unusual.”
“What exactly is your ability?”
“I …” Kae cleared her throat, which felt strangely tight.

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S2 Fantasy Friday featured image (season 2)

A Study in Chaos

“Glad you’re here, Miss Morgan.” Detective Eastwood handed me a coffee.
“Thanks. And I really do prefer Rose.” He grinned as I accepted the warm paper cup, telling me he’d ignore the request.
I took a sip and stepped into the victim’s living room. I grimaced at the coffee’s sour taste,

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S2 Thriller Thursday featured image (season 2)

If the Shoe Fits…

I never wanted to leave the luxurious south for the frigid north, but my parents’ decision was firm. I still despised the cold and the frozen landscape. I huddled on my window seat, watching the lone star that illuminated the snow.
“If,” I whispered, “the first star truly grants a wish…”
But I couldn’t voice it.

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S2 Wacky Wednesday featured image (season 2)

A Looting At Rhino’s

Few places in Scarabburgh were built for Atlas beetles. Rhino’s Pawn was no exception.
Calvin ducked through the door, taking care not to snag his horns—two on his thorax and one on his head—on the narrow, wooden frame.
A short rhinoceros beetle stood behind the counter, a ring through the horn on his head.

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S2 Techno Tuesday featured image (season 2)


My cubicle door opens.
I hope it’s Nira, my favorite Facilitator. Instead two authorities burst in.
White suits. Masks. Blue gloves.
“What’s happening?” I ask.
“You’re being removed,” the authority on my left growls. They grab my arms, squeezing
until it hurts, and haul me out.
“What? No!” I scream. “Nira!”
It’s Nira.

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S2 Mystery Monday featured image (season 2)


The figure didn’t show its face. Just stared at me from the void-like eye cavities of a ghoulish white mask. “Don’t be afraid.” The mask distorted its voice, and I trembled. It stepped toward me then crouched to my level. “You’ve lost much, lad.”

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Weekend Scoreboard - Bingeworthy - Ling & Phenny

Bingeworthy: June Wrap-up & Anthology Finalists

Hello, Havok Horde and soon-to-be Horde! We have EXCITING news to share today!!! Not only are we reporting on June’s top stories but ALL the stories in contention for our Season Three anthology. That IS exciting. First, Havok’s Top June Stories… Our top story for June as rated by the Havok Horde was Fantasy Friday’s

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SS - Staff Saturday featured image

Star-Crossed Lovers

An entire universe lies between us now. And I just want to touch him, one last time.
I sit in the window of my berth. We’ve been drifting through space for six months; the panorama of stars beyond is the same as it’s been for most of that time. We survived because we fled.

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S2 Fantasy Friday featured image (season 2)

To Touch the Earth

I just wanted to touch the earth.
Zysteria had heard rumours that soil was much like sand, but she hadn’t quite believed it. Now she was so close—and yet so far.
What was I thinking? Chills swept through her limbs, burrowing into her scales. She thrashed against the sand,

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S2 Thriller Thursday featured image (season 2)

A Little Help from Above

After the long cold of winter, the sun’s warmth felt glorious. I knelt by the river to refill my pot, the water chilled by mountain snowmelt. Nearby, the other village women were washing clothes, their children playing beside them.
“Siv!” Fulla smiled at me from the knot of women. “Good to see you up and about

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