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Take the Day Off

It’s a beautiful day, and it’s not because of the weather! It’s because Havok has over 144 flash fiction stories in our Horde’s private collection. We’re not trying to be gross by pointing this out, we just think it’s a great number (that’s a little math joke).

That’s dozens of short reads for a day just like today. That’s a bucket of laughs from Wacky Wednesday, a dark hallway full of thrills from Thriller Thursday. A rocket ride to another planet on Techno Tuesday, a tour through every mythical land imaginable on Fantasy Friday, with a dash of Mystery Monday to keep you guessing.

So what are you waiting for? Hop over to the Story Collection, and go read! May the Havok be with you!

If you’re not a Havok Horde member (our private collection is members-only), it’s only $4.99 for an entire year!

Join our elite group of members…

Your Dose of Weekday Fun

Welcome to Havok, where everyone gets¬† free flash fiction every weekday and members of the Havok Horde¬†can access the archives, rate the stories, and contend for reader prizes! Join the Horde, or enjoy today’s story… we hope you’ll do both!

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