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January Is Almost In The bag!

Winter has most of us firmly in its frosty grip, and January 31 is flying at us with the speed of something very, very fast. When it arrives, we’ll be celebrating publication of our first 23 out-of-this-world stories about REBIRTH.

Our Havok Horde continues to grow, and we are impressed with the levels of participation we’re seeing both from visitors and our members. Authors, great job inviting your friends and fans to read your stories!

Highest Rated

Life Cycle 63 by Just B. Jordan was our highest rated this week, with its stellar science fiction setting and intense pacing.

In a beautiful contrast, we have Second Honeymoon by Clarissa Ruth coming in right behind with a touch of romance in a masterful flash piece featuring a reluctant merman and his bride. Well done!

An Assortment of Flavors

One of the goals we have at Havok is to provide a variety of stories in various genres to scratch more itches in a flash. Our authors are certainly providing the beautiful diversity we’re looking for, and it’s striking a chord with our readers.


“Wonderful story! It was engaging from the start a D I loved how the characters were developed. I love how you tied the beginning part that showed the intimacy of their relationship and ended it on the same note. Shows how true love can make it through any obstacle!” – Darci

“I love the fact that–even in another world–Bo’s love for Llianna remained strong and true. And I love that they were together again at the end.” – Crystal Acosta


“What a unique story! Not only was it funny (I LOVE the image of a grim reaper with rainbow hair :D), but it had such a bright, purposeful ending.” – lilakimswriter

“So quirky and thought provoking at the same time!” – Darkesparro


“Really nice classic detective voice – I feel like I just read a flash piece from an old pulp magazine!” – Michael Dolan

“I love this story. I enjoy noir detective type stories. This was great! Loved the ending twist.” – DebH

Science Fiction:

“This story absolutely wrecked me. So much emotion packed into such a small amount of words. Well, well done!” – Jebrain Clifford

“What a cool concept with a gripping story to match! And awesome job constantly building so much tension in such a short story.” – Michael Dolan


You know what this means? Authors are writing stories that touch people. Readers are moved to express how they feel about stories.

This is the miracle of story.

And it’s happening right here. On Havok. And you’re a part of it!

Join our elite group of members…

Your Dose of Weekday Fun

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