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Why We’re Helping Mary Weber

If you follow author Mary Weber on social media, you have probably seen the devastating circumstances she and her family are currently working through. It began with months of severe health issues—weight loss, an inability to remember words, physical panic attacks every couple of hours, 24/7 vertigo, and severe GERD, just to name a few. And then, after countless unanswered questions and doctor visits, Mary and her three children were finally diagnosed with toxic mold syndrome, and testing in her home revealed the source—severe levels of aspergillus mold.

This infestation was behind nearly every wall and ceiling of their home. And because it is due to a structural issue, the house will have to be torn down completely—while they are still paying on it—and all of their belongings will have to be trashed due to the severity of contamination. And even worse, their insurance won’t cover the structural mold damage.

Thankfully, Mary’s children are healing well, but her recovery has been much slower. And now, not only are they still fighting for their health, but they are losing their home and everything in it along with facing a mountain of medical bills. They are working to begin rebuilding their lives, but the road will be long, and it is our great desire to come alongside them to provide love and support.

Updates regarding their situation are to be found on the Go Fund Me dedicated to them.

Meanwhile, if you love Mary’s stories and are a writer, you can help…

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Photo of Mary Weber in the page header is courtesy Sarah Kathleen Photography, via Mary’s press bio.

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