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Silent Running

“Idiots!” Admiral Paul Seward exploded as soon as the doors closed behind him, cutting off the hearing chamber with its three transparent sides showing a stunning starfield view and its dreary bureaucratic interior.
His navigator, who had waited outside, jumped straight. “Sir?”
“Turning down humans, the most promising Lightwarden candidates, just when we’re in dire need of recruits.”

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Sexiest Man In Space

Pete clung to the crawl handles on the skin of his spaceship and hoped he’d catch a breath before reaching the upper atmosphere. He’d looped his pilot’s harness straps hastily through a handle and clipped them together, taking most of the strain during acceleration, but he was already regretting his recklessness.

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Techno Tuesday featured image (season 2)


Ship status: green
Biodome status: green
Pods status: green
Current database scan: Botany and biochemistry
Estimated remaining time: 27,392,520 days to planetfall.

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A Symphony of Words

The location of the Sol system, Earth’s system, in the cosmos. How far away it appeared. Sol itself seemed part of a grouping—a constellation from Proxima’s perspective. 917 named the pattern “The Phoenix,” for it looked almost like a bird ablaze. A new designation to go with 917’s new purpose.

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