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The Barnstormer

It wasn’t anything like TV. The engines fired, flames brighter than the sun, the sound beating at Sue’s chest. Then the launch, starting ever-so-slowly, the winged capsule atop the slender booster reaching for the sky. Sue bent backwards, shading her eyes to watch it roaring upward. She found herself whispering, “Go, baby!”

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Morelli Family Secrets

The greeter looked tired, overworked. And she was definitely a cop. The way she stood, the way she talked…

Ah, Vinnie, I thought with amusement. All this for me?

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The Elusive Serpent

I’m not seasick—I live on this ship, so you can bet I’ve got my sea legs—but the old hag I stole the chalice from at New Providence must have been a witch. Her nasty shout as I ran made me smirk, but… I’m turning green. She must have cursed me!

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Only someone with a death wish would risk trespassing on werewolf territory during the full moon, but Tari was good as dead anyway.

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Something New

Everything looks huge today. Either I’m shrinking or the world’s getting bigger. I crawl down the porch steps one at a time. When did my hands become so fat and bunchy? Well, my daughter, Leisl, says I’d forget my head if it wasn’t welded on. That’s why we need the Memory Enhancer 3000.

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Déjà Vu

Ron tried to lift his hand, but he could not command his body; fear gripped him, and his mind screamed at him to flee, but helplessness consumed him…

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The Feathered Corpse

In a world where mythical creatures lived and worked alongside a human population, anything could happen, and it usually did. That’s why they called me, Special Agent Ramses II, and my partner, Bernie Clayberg, with Mythical Crime Scene Investigations.

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The Cleaner

All Misha had to do was clean up every last bit of the dead dragon, because if even a single cell survived, the dragon could be reborn. This was the last … or was it?

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Stage of War

The firm, resounding thunder of combat boots fills the tunnel, a drumroll announcing my impending doom. A moment later, boot tips stop a breath away from me. I listen as the beats between sound waves stretch, the peaks falling into stillness.

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When Magic Died

“A magic system,” the dragon clarified. “You’re supposed to come up with a magic system.”

“Ohhh.” Dave nodded slowly. He glanced down at the book. “You know, rules aren’t really my strength. How about we just let magic do its own thing this time, figure it’ll sort itself out eventually?”

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A Symphony of Words

The location of the Sol system, Earth’s system, in the cosmos. How far away it appeared. Sol itself seemed part of a grouping—a constellation from Proxima’s perspective. 917 named the pattern “The Phoenix,” for it looked almost like a bird ablaze. A new designation to go with 917’s new purpose.

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