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Time Served

The deputy intercepted Travis in the parking lot. “What are you doing?”
Travis glared at the man whose perjury had cost him ten years. “Depositing my paycheck.”
Doug crossed his arms. “This bank has five other branches in this county.”
Shouldering Doug aside, Travis strode into the satellite bank.

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Riding a dragon is the best way to travel—most of the time. “Karr, what are you doing? This is not Adron city!” I lean over as the dragon touches down on a grassy hilltop. “I’m stopping for a nap.” Karr slurs the last word into a yawn and his purple tongue curls like a cat’s.

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Glorious Nothing

The beat of war drums drives any notion of rest from my bones. I gird on my legendary sword, Jimmy Bob, and stride out of my tent to give my troops an inspiring speech before the battle. Across the torchlit river, the enemy army lurks, human troops intermixed with monstrous daemons summoned from the underworld.

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We Will All Be Alone

The grass is cold. I lie there. The wind accompanies me while I watch a large family of small black ants. All of them traveling together. Some carrying leaves, some carrying sticks, all fulfilling a purpose. All being part of something. Envy grows within me as I stare at them.

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An Odd Awakening

The human must’ve been shocked upon its awakening to see a bear using a computer. The sight of a bear alone would’ve been enough to set alarm bells ringing, but one checking emails over a morning coffee was something else entirely. It explained the hysterical cries issuing from the human’s mouth.

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