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Cover & Congratulations

WARNING: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. What you see above is the culmination of eight months of work. Planning for the rebirth of Havok. Vision casting. Implementation. Hard work by our authors, editors, and support staff. Input from readers. Investment by our fantastic featured authors James Scott Bell, David Farland, Robert Liparulo,

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Morelli Family Secrets

The greeter looked tired, overworked. And she was definitely a cop. The way she stood, the way she talked…

Ah, Vinnie, I thought with amusement. All this for me?

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Something New

Everything looks huge today. Either I’m shrinking or the world’s getting bigger. I crawl down the porch steps one at a time. When did my hands become so fat and bunchy? Well, my daughter, Leisl, says I’d forget my head if it wasn’t welded on. That’s why we need the Memory Enhancer 3000.

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The Cleaner

All Misha had to do was clean up every last bit of the dead dragon, because if even a single cell survived, the dragon could be reborn. This was the last … or was it?

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