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Weekend Scoreboard - Bingeworthy - Phenny & Ling

Top Stories From April 2020… so far

Phenny Phoenix here!┬áHavok you heard the news? I’m the new weekend correspondent! What was Havok thinking? It’s time to announce Havok’s Top Stories for April. Before I do, can you guess which of Havok’s genres is my favorite? …??? Wacky Wednesday, of course! They’re the punniest. Unfortunately, for Wacky, our top story for April was

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Top Stories From March 2020…
so far

March. What can we say? It marched in and brought with it the Time of Confinement. Good thing we had a lot of Bingeworthy reads for you! Let’s check out the stories that YOU liked the most during the Age of Quarantine. Here are the March Readers’ Favorites (to date). Remember: if you don’t agree,

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