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Techno Tuesday featured image (season 2)

Z Karr and the Apples of Demeter

Zach sliced the Demeter Ambrosia apple with his laser cutter. His mouth watered as the laser’s heat caramelized the juices. He placed the slice reverently on a piece of pound cake and raised it to his lips.
It tasted… normal.
He scowled and tossed the rest of the apple to Tetsuo.

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Some Assembly Required

I spent New Year’s Eve picking up my body parts from the sidewalk.
The streets were filled with people. It was dangerous to make my way through the crowd, but I wanted to get to the coffee house to ring in the New Year with some friends. When the old woman staggered towards me,

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Momma’s Sandwich

“That guy’s getting angry.” Timothy pointed at the mountains in the distance as the ground shook beneath us.
We’d gotten out of school early after the quakes grew so strong, they knocked the books off the shelves.
“What guy?” I asked. Timothy was older and knew a lot of stuff,

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The Lady’s Counsel

By Patrick M. Fitzgerald Merrick rapped the door’s ornate knocker. “Garrett is one of the most honorable knights of the Order of the Trinity. He retired years ago, and his reputation is impeccable.” The initiate, Derrin, showed him the list of names.  Every one but Garrett’s was crossed out. “I hope you’re right, sir. He’s

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