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Techno Tuesday featured image (season 2)

…All Is Bright

A glowing array of dashboard lights illuminated the cockpit. Halpin summoned the viewscreen, swinging the decaying majesty of the dying star into sharp focus. Withered and blue, it shuddered in its death-throes, belching red rings of cosmic flame into the inky void.

“Hello at last.”

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Techno Tuesday featured image (season 2)

The Purple Dawn

he flower, if indeed it could be called a flower, looked like nothing on Earth.

Iris squinted at the purplish inkblot staining the vast green landscape of her garden shrubbery. It seemed to have bloomed overnight in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable hedgerow.

Without her glasses to aid her, Iris struggled

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Mystery Monday featured image (season 2)

Into the Jonahverse

Always last to everything.
Jonah is the last of his class to change, both physically and developmentally.
He hears the cries from out in the hallway. The scuffling playfights, the macho name-calling. Everything he seeks to avoid as he slinks from the dressing room into the whitewashed cubicle, towel tight around his waist,

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