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There are things they don’t tell you about having green skin. Like that you’ll always be parched. Or that when you have too much water, you’ll get a sugar high. Or that when you don’t get enough sunlight, you’ll wilt. Literally.
But I chose to become a Chlor—this way, my life will

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Tales of Havok Success:
Hamm & Gremikova (Part 1)

Cassandra Hamm, author of over 20 Havok stories and Readers’ Choice award winner, shares her publishing journey and how she found a dear critique partner and friend in fellow Havok author Beka Gremikova.

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Enemy Chef

“We walked into a war zone for a leaf?” Axel crossed his arms.
Remy scanned the trees for folha, one of the many ingredients they’d left camp to find. The bark was sadly free of green vines.
Her stomach growled. Though the emerald canopy hid the sun overhead, Remy guessed it was around midafternoon,

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Grassy Disaster

The grass was up to Abigail’s chin now. If she didn’t find Ryn soon, it would consume the entire kingdom.
Abigail pushed her way through the verdant blades consuming her village. Couldn’t the boy have chosen a different enchantment? Something to do with rocks, perhaps? She could deal with pesky boulders.

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Stone Heart

Pounding footsteps shook the forest and knocked fiery, autumn leaves from the trees. Gemma pressed against the nearest trunk, the bark’s ridges digging into her bare arms. We found the stone golem.
“Fiske, Korth, you ambush him from the other side.” Uncle Roan spoke just loud enough for her to hear.

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Abiral’s Goblet

Sand flooded back into the hole Suresh was trying to dig. Cursing, he blocked the flow with his shovel. At this rate, it would take him a lifetime to locate Abiral’s Goblet.

Sweat stinging his eyes, he gazed around the dunes of Dryagana Mrtyu: Dragon’s Death. No movement, and most importantly, no sand dragons.

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Mustard Maid

On your best friend’s wedding day, you’re not supposed to look like a mustard bottle.
I tug at the garish, yellow fabric of my bridesmaid dress and try to pay attention to the pastor. But I can’t help glowering at Galina, who’s gazing at Brent like he’s the sun.
I love her.

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Techno Tuesday featured image (season 2)

The Lucifer Project

Green light emanates from my skin, illuminating the deep-sea darkness. Flicking my scuba fins, I swim deeper into the underwater cave and scan the walls for any hint of scarlet. 

“Can’t make that light any brighter, can you?” Gino’s voice echoes in my comm. 

I scowl. “You know I can’t control it.”

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Wacky Wednesday featured image (season 2)


I step into a sea of glass.

Vials of clear liquid fill Scentsational’s shelves from floor to ceiling. Fluorescent light reflects off the glass, momentarily blinding me.

I gape at the shop. I’ve heard whispers but never dared to enter. All these vials supposedly hold different scents appealing to different people.

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Fantasy Friday featured image (season 2)

The Candlemaker

Hot wax seared Asiya’s nostrils as she knelt before the candlemaker. She touched her face to the dirt, then lifted her gaze. “Alnisa hakim.” Wise woman. “I come to you today to ask that my candle be restored.”

Asiya held out her cupped hands, revealing a candle stump. Its thin tallow was

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Fantasy Friday featured image (season 2)

The Language of Sound

The iksomi opens his mouth, and his cry pierces the thick, morning air. All gloom and pain strips away. The noise is rigid like a lyre string, warm like honey, and I let it fill my being.
His mouth snaps shut, pointed teeth curving over black lips. He stretches, arching his back

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Techno Tuesday featured image (season 2)

Bubble Trouble

The doorbell jingles. I stuff my nanocell into my khaki pocket and paste on my customer-service smile. The doors slide shut behind a woman and two men. “Welcome to the Nanotech Center!” I say.
My smile wavers at their dark clothing. They match the descriptions of the Sound, the infamous gang—

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