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Havok Referral Rewards

A Free Month For Both Of You

It’s a great deal: refer a friend to Havok, and you get a free month added to your existing membership. Even better, your friend gets an additional month when they sign up, too!

You only need to get 12 friends to sign up and you have a free year!

How It Works

  1. Share a link to this page with your friend. Tell them the email address associated with your Havok account.
  2. Your friend enters your email address and their own in the fields below, and then signs up for a 1-year membership ($4.99).
  3. We get an email saying, “Somebody amazing just shared Havok with their friend, so give them a FREE MONTH.”
  4. We see the payment from your friend and think to ourselves, “These two human beings are BEYOND COMPARE.” And we apply a free month to both your accounts.

Meanwhile, you are reading stories, laughing and crying, leaving comments and rating your favorite stories so they might win a place in our bi-annual anthologies.

And the Havok joy spreads just a little further across this beautiful planet, like spring flowers exploding out of the winter snow.

Enter Here If A Friend Referred You

If they didn't give you the email address associated with their Havok account, this won't work!
Make sure it's the same email address you use for PayPal when you purchase your membership!

Your Dose of Weekday Fun

Welcome to Havok, where everyone gets  free flash fiction every weekday and members of the Havok Horde can access the archives, rate the stories, and contend for reader prizes! Join the Horde, or enjoy today’s story… we hope you’ll do both!

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