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You are the BEST (Havok Gift Confirmation)

You are the BEST (Havok Gift Confirmation)

Thank you for ordering a Havok gift subscription (or maybe more than one!).

Here’s what happens next:

1. We’ll receive notification from PayPal of your purchase and generate a discount code.

2. You’ll get an email containing the code that you can forward to your gift recipient.

3. When they sign up for a Havok account, they enter the discount code and get $4.99 off the $4.99 price — A FREE 1-year Havok membership!

You should be hearing from us soon. Be sure to whitelist @gohavok.com in your email software. If you don’t hear from us within 2 business days, check your spam / junk mail folder and if you still don’t find an email from us use our Contact form to inquire.

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