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October’s 1980s Jukebox: Chart Toppers

We entered everyone with a correct guess (user name in parentheses) into a random drawing. The first Havok Horde member’s name drawn won the $10 Amazon gift card for October. This month’s SUPER READER Award goes to KnightOfHvn! Congratulations, you should receive your $10 Amazon gift card via email this weekend. If you don’t, please

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Just Believe

Vera’s air lasted just long enough to finish the song, and then her throat closed. Wheezing, she dipped a curtsy to sparse applause. Before she could faint onstage, she pushed through the hazy gambling hall and escaped outside.
A gaslight supported her as she fought to catch her breath. At least she’d finished her set, unlike last night.

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Most Loved Stories from February

It’s March 2nd, and time to look back at all the great things that have happened during the Month of Love: Most loved stories. Most loyal readers. Most popular genre. February’s Top Stories Thriller Thursday was popular with readers this month. The stories that received the most lightning bolts for February were both from Thriller

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Dragon Armor

“Dragon Armor?”
“Something the mages cooked up to resist dragon fire. Arrows and spears go right through it, though. Once the dragons were hunted to extinction, it became useless. But I hear you could run straight into flames and not even singe your eyebrows.”

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